Galileo Global Group and its team members are passionate about community engagement. We are committed to fostering relationships with businesses, non-profits and charities that serve a variety of communities, both local and international.

Belgian American Educational Foundation Inc.

Georges Ugeux, Finance Committee Member
The Belgian American Educational Foundation Inc. is the leading independent philanthropy fostering higher education of deserving Belgians and Americans through its exchange Fellowship program. BAEF empowers young talents through a life-changing experience in the partner country, provides generous financial support to individuals to pursue their graduate studies or research, and fosters talented individuals with low seniority at their academic level.


Georges Ugeux
Fracarita International is a not-for-profit organisation of the Congregation of the Brothers of Charity whose aim is to help support the most vulnerable people through concrete works of charity in the fields of mental health care, care for people with a disability and education, especially in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

French American Foundaton

Francois Pages, Executive Committee and Board Member
The French-American Foundation—United States works to enrich a transatlantic relationship that is essential in today’s world. With its sister Foundation, the French-American Foundation – France, the Foundation brings together leaders, policymakers, and a wide range of professionals to exchange views and share experiences in areas of mutual concern for mutual benefit.

Music Fund

Georges Ugeux, Advisory Committee Member
The Music Fund is a Belgian humanitarian organization that supports music schools and socio-artistic projects in conflict zones and in developing countries, as well as projects in its own region. The Fund collects and repairs musical instruments and gives them a second life by offering them to music organizations around the globe.

The Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

Georges Ugeux, Chairman of The American Friends Group
The Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Waterloo, Belgium has distinguished itself for nearly eight decades as a preeminent institution for the training and development of excellence for exceptional young musical talents. The American Friends Group of the Music Chapel is an American network of partners, supporters and collaborators. View Interview with Georges Ugeux.

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