Information Technology (IT) is singularly the most dynamic and evolving industry in the world. The landscape is being constantly changed by compelling innovation across services, software and hardware. We anticipate that major industry players will look to invest and acquire for growth as their competitive edge is eroded by disruptive technologies, and emerging firms will continue to seek financing to sustain development objectives.

The IT practice at Galileo Global Securities is founded on the principles of providing the soundest strategic advise to our clients based on domain expertise, industry relationships and deal execution experience. We work across a wide range of strategic opportunities, including venture stage, growth equity, buyouts, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Specific areas of coverage include enterprise IT solutions (financial technologies, IT/Internet security, healthcare IT, data analytics, cloud, Software as a Service), best shore IT models and business process outsourcing services. We have advised leading technology companies in Asia, Europe and the US on cross-border M&A opportunities, as well as smaller businesses seeking growth capital from our network of investors.

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